new year. new features

here you have Miggy's big improvements for early 2013

First of all we wanted to thank everyone for their incredibly valuable feedback throughout the past months.
It's been so awesome hearing that you like and find the journal to be helpful.
Never hesitate to get in touch with us! As you well know, Miggy is a  family operation. Your opinion matters! about us

Migraine Reports

You create your migraine entries, Miggy does the statistics for you:
  • total number of migraine entries
  • your average number of migraines/month
  • your average pain scale
  • your most common triggers and symptoms

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Medication now editable

We've just made the Medication section editable. This means that you now have the possibility of personalizing your medication, same as you had for your triggers and symptoms.
For customizing Miggy even more visit your Profile section.

How to get the best out of Miggy

We've added some tips and tricks for a faster migraine entry to the migraine form

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