Friendly migraine journal - the printable version

We've just created this 2 page migraine journal, it's friendly colored and easy to use.
You just need to print 2 sided, fold in 2, this way you'll get like a little booklet with the triggers on the cover and the actual migraine journal entries inside. Download pdf

I'm actually the first tester of this print. My copy already has 2 entries :) but please feel free to drop us an email at alexandra[at] if you have any feedback.

Once you've collected a few entries in your journal you can already notice different patterns: you can identify a trigger or experiment and find you're most responsive medicine. For me the most interesting part about keeping track of my headaches was that I can now have a better overview on their frequency. It's like their timed, apparently they always start at night time, every ten days.

You too can be you're own migraine Sherlock!

Cool migraine guide

This is a highly recommended Visual Guide to Migraines from; it's sort of migraine 101. Takes you through the most important facts you need to know in just a few stylish slides.