About us

Over half (54%) of migraineurs experience one or more attacks per month, and 13% claim one or more attacks per week.*

Until a couple of years ago I had no clue why, how and when my headaches where occuring.
I started using Miggy and realized how super important taking control over my migraines was.
I now know how often they occur, what patterns they have and what are their most common triggers.

I'm incredibly lucky to have a computer scientist husband.
Together we're committed to developing a friendly web migraine journal, hoping that more and more people can become their own migraine Sherlocks.

Most of you migraneurs out there might not even know what you're suffering of. Try watching this very stylish slide show -- may help you find out if you actually have migraines or not.

All the best,
Alex and Alexandra

Contact: alexandra(at)migrainevibe.com

*Steiner et al, Cephalalgia, 2003 -- source http://www.migrainetrust.org/key-statistics