Migraine triggers

Many factors have been identified as migraine triggers. Some people have even spotted several factors as triggers for their migraines.

Emotional triggers
  • stress
  • stress relief
  • anxiety
  • shock
  • depression
  • excitement

Physical triggers
  • physical exertion
  • hormonal changes (menstrual period)
  • sleep (excess or lack)
  • poor posture
  • neck or shoulder tension
  • teeth grinding

Dietary triggers
  • lack of food
  • dehydration
  • alcohol
  • the food additive tyramine
  • caffeine (excess or withdrawal)
  • specific foods or products: red wine, blue or aged cheese, chocolate, beer, bananas, citrus juice, smoked meat.

Environmental triggers
  • air exposure (hot or cold)
  • bright lights
  • tobacco smoke
  • loud sounds
  • changes in climate
  • strong smells
  • altitude

  • some types of sleeping tablets
  • the contraceptive pill
  • hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is sometimes used to treat the menopause